Over Embrace Europe

The global movement of people has escalated over the last few years with 584 million international migrants worldwide – persons living in another country than where they were born – reported by the UN in 2017. There are millions more, who are second and third generation migrants. Fuelled by climate change, war and financial inequality, people are moving to find a safe haven and create a better life for themselves. Many of these migrants are seeking a new home in Europe.

Europe has welcomed migrants for many years. In fact, their contribution to the workforce has always been perceived in a positive light. Unfortunately, in the wake of mass immigration, Europe is now witnessing a backlash from individuals and governments who are afraid their societies are changing.

There has been a lack of effective integration for this new wave of migrants within many European countries. Migrants are often living in areas surrounded by their own communities and many are still unemployed after a number of years in the country.